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Sharp RZE 315
Sharp RZE 315




Industry’s Premier POS Solution for Retailers, Z-9000

If you are considering of using point-of-sale component at the outdoor shop or food section, Z-POS is highly recommended as its compact size with water and dust proof function

Z 9000

Z 9000



  • Mass storage memory and storage device : DDR3 4GB, SSD 98Gb
  • Eco friendly design with no noise and low heat
  • Reduced electricity power rate with 4W of ultra-low power consumption
  • LCD panel with water and dust proof function
  • Minimized board damage by applying separable power (AC adaptor)
  • Soft curve and high-glossy exterior







okpos[1]    K-9000 15″





  • Bezelless Touch Terminal
  • High-performance CPU
  • Modern Design
  • No Fan, No Noise
  • Product reliability & safety
  • Easy to install and maintain with Fingertip screws
  • Hidden Adapter and cables
  • Waterproof and dust resistant LCD panel
  • Green IT of low energy consumption




Ever wondered what in inside a Touch Screen ?

If you do then click the play arrow on the okpos image below to find out.


Sharp RZE315
Sharp RZ -E 315