Cash Registers

Answer 43

Hint – Zoom and the Maths rule of Bodmas

What is the rule of Bodmas in maths?
According to BODMAS rule,we have first to solve an expression that contains division, multiplication, addition and subtraction from left to right .


Using the SD card for storage and transfer of Sales Data


SHARP-XEA307 Using the SD card for storage and transfer of data

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use : reduce speed of service and increase sales during busy times
  • Maximise sales with promotions: Sharp offers a choice of exciting promotional menus.
  • Please contact CRT to see how we can help control and transform your business.

Sharp Cash Registers and EPoS products have been helping the licensed trade manage their business for almost 30 years.

Sharp products are robust and suitable for the most demanding of locations and have many of the features that are required for the busy demands of the Pub, Restaurant industry and also the convenience store sector.

To allow for quick and efficient customer service,

Sharp EPoS solutions also support for kitchen printing and full table management is also available to help with running a busy Restaurant, Pub or indeed any retail business that requires Money transaction Reporting and accountability.

ECR: ERA411-421


The ER-A411 is ideal for retailers looking for a standalone cash register with special branch features.

With the easy to read backlit customer display a clear view of purchase and price information can be rotated to the perfect viewing angle.

By the pop-up customer display scrolling messages like special offer promotions can be shown. Combined with the sophisticated promotion function it maximises sales opportunities.

Sales can be totalled with accuracy and speed for items being purchased by inputting the article code manually or scan in the Barcode.