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Warehouse Stock Control System

Warehouse Stock Control System:-

CRT can provide a powerful and comprehensive stock management control system that comes with the extensive functionality that enables a warehouse business to manage the buying and selling of all their products, get true stock valuations, perform stock takes, adjustments and movements, record serial and batch numbers, receive full transactional traceability from the moment stock arrives into the warehouse and the moment it is despatched.

Despatch of Products from the warehouse –

CRT Warehouse Touchtrac custom built Software shows clear visibility of available stock in each location, required dates, picker workload and more so orders can be prioritised and fully integrated with the Sales Order Processing, Customer orders can be picked swiftly and simply organised into a managed order waiting for Despatch.

Receiving Goods In to the Warehouse

CRT Touchtrac Software provides a fast, accurate and practical method of booking goods into stock. With functionality to record serial and batch numbers can handle container deliveries with ease.


Our Warehouse Business package includes:Barcode

  • Stock Control, Warehouse Management,
  • Sales Order Processing,
  • Despatch, Invoicing,
  • Purchasing,
  • Goods In,
  • Reporting
  • Accounts
  • Hand Held Picking with Shelf management
  • Warehouse.

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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Can I do stock of my wines without linking to a computer?
A. Yes, deliveries can be entered at the Touch Screen till and a stock report can be taken from the till when doing a stock take.

Q. What is the advantage of table tracking?
A. Table tracking keeps account of each table in the restaurant as orders are entered. For example: if a table has not paid a report can be taken to show that the orders have not been paid for.

Q. Why would one need kitchen printers?
A. When orders are entered into the on the Touch Screen Till the order will be stored on a Table Number and sent to be printed in the kitchen. These prints are clear, legible and reduce human errors.

Q. Could I get coffee or drink orders printed at the Bar area as well as food printed in the Kitchen?
A. Yes, it is possible to print only Food items in the Kitchen and only drink items only in the Bar area. If the Drinks area is near the Till then there is no need for a seperate Drinks Printer as the Drinks orders can be printed on the Receipt Printer as well as the Receipt or Custoners Bills. Using only 1 printer for the Drinks, Customer Receipt and Customer Bills will reduce the cost of the System.

Q. What information will be printed in the kitchen?
A. Table number, time of order, the name of the employee who entered the order, condiments, cooking instructions or any other specifics of preference. The Table Away message for a Table can be sent to the Kitchen from the Till informing the Kitchen Staff that the starters are nowfinished and for the Chef to now peprare the Main Course for that particular Table.

Q. Can I have more then one till connected to one kitchen printer?
A. Yes, only one kitchen printer is needed can be connected with up to all the tills.

Touch Screens:

Q. Are Touch Screens difficult to use?
A. No, Touch Screens are easier to use than A.T.M. machines.

Q. Are Touch Screens delicate?
A. No, they are spill proof and the Touch Screen is guaranteed for a million touches.

Q. Can one generate a Gift voucher at point of sale?
A. Yes, Gift Vouchers can be generated at point of sale: The operator enters the amount and presses the Gift Voucher key, a suitable barcode will then be produced on the receipt. This is then automatically sent to the back office and logged.

Q. Is it possible to generate reports of Gift Vouchers sold?
A. Yes, reports of redeemed Gift vouchers can be taken from the back office at any time. When a Gift Voucher is scanned at the point of sale and cashed it is automatically made invalid and it will not be usable again. The voucher is then registered as redeemed in the back office P.C.

Q. Can I generate customer accounts at the point of sales?
A. Yes, customer accounts can be generated at the point of sales together with invoices and statements.


Why go scanning?

  1. You can expect to boost your profits by 2% to 3%.
  2. Scanning is user friendly.
  3. All items will be priced correctly.
  4. Minimal training necessary for new staff to operate the till.
  5. Scanned items are stored within the suitable category.

What scanning options does one have?

  1. Stand alone scanning Touch Screen Till (without a need for a Back Office Computer ).
  2. Till linked to back office Computer stock control P.C.
  3. Touch Screen scanning linked to back office Computer for New Products and stock control P.C.
  4. Touch Screen scanning linked to warehouse (multi size) for a number of stores or shops.

Q. Can I link to a wholesaler?
A. Yes, you can be linked to Musgraves, Barry’s, Vivo and Mangans and Spar