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Stock Control:Motorola 3190

We deliver real time stock control facilitating spot checks of stock at any point of day.

Our stock control software is written in Ireland for the Irish retailer. This enabled us to immediately implement the new Shelf edge Label Law into our stock control package when it was introduced and provide these to our customers completely free of charge.

A vast array of reports can be generated to facilitate the management of stock.

Cost prices of all items are easily tracked.

Shelf edge labels can be printed with ease in the two standard sizes.

We offer multi site version for warehouse stock movements.

For a Stock Take we offer a hand held Motorola 3190

Motorola 3190

Motorola 3190

Stock Take with a Motorola 3190

The Motorola 3190 is a windows hand held unit that can be used for:

  1. Product enquiries.
  2. Price changes.
  3. Label print (shelf edge).
  4. Orders and/or Delivery.
  5. Stock Taking.
  6. Customer Sales.






Stock Take with the Motorola Hand Held